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The Yorkville Aikibudo club began in 1990 under the instruction of Jean-Luc Moreau, a highly skilled and highly ranked martial artist in multiple martial arts (see the Instructor page). Moreau began his studies of martial arts as a child and eventually became an international competitor for French Federation. He has a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education, Masters in Pedagogy, and a Doctorate in Sports Rehabilitation.

Moreau coached judo in Yorkville for many years and added Daito-ryu Aikibudo Jujitsu to the classes. He continued teaching this form of aikibudo jujitsu and added modifications to it, eventually calling it Daito-ryu Aikibudo Jujitsu Tai Sabaki. Moreau moved to Denver in 2006, but still returns to Yorkville to conduct clinics in judo and aikibudo jujitsu periodically.








Daito-ryu goes back to about 800 A.D. and is a combination of various styles consisting of systems of throws and joint controls. This martial art was designed to do damage to the enemy on the battlefield.

The systems evolved throughout the centuries, and some branched off into other arts such as jujitsu and aikido. Jujitsu was later refined into judo in the early 1880s; and aikido evolved from aikijujitsu in the early 1900s (see History page). Daito-ryu retained the harder aspects of combat. RM Ikkyu

The instruction today continues as a combat art of joint controls and throws, plus training is included for the sword, staff and other weapons, as well as applicable karate techniques and practical self-defense tactics.